Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I wonder just how long it's gonna take me to write 2008 instead of 2007!! that's always rough for me...first thing New Year's Eve, Chico, Chele, and I went to find Chele a bike! We finally had a chance when all of us were together so that I could give him his Christmas gift. He was really appreciative and thanked me a bunch of times!! He told me that God was gonna give me a good husband. I asked him why he would say that!? And he said for being such a nice person and for buying the bike for him. I'm not trying to show everyone how nice of a person I am ;) ...but I am trying to show that in Chele's own way, he is recognizing that I care about him. And hopefully that I'm different from everyone else in his life. Not that I can buy him a nice gift. But that I care and want to take care of him!! That one moment excites me, it shows me that God is working in Chele's life and working through me to show Chele the love of Christ!!! yay for Jesus!!! :)
...for New Year's Eve night, we went to our little "home church" here in Nicaragua, Fifth Baptist Church. There were around 30 people there for the New Year's Eve service. that's about 15 more than a normal Sunday!! :) ...It was a special service for the church. Pastor Carlos has been on leave for a year. The church asked him to do so after his wife had a baby by another man and apparently left him. But New Year's Eve they swore him back in as Pastor...I really enjoy the church. Everyone is so nice! And even though I can't understand too much yet, I can still feel the presence of God there. And that's big, that you know God is there even when you can't participate in the service. The church has had struggles this past year with what Pastor Carlos went through (and thus affecting them), and then a ministry that tried to take over the church, but never showed up. They only tagged their name to it. So they've been hurt alot this past year, but they are eager and ready to have a new beginning starting with the new year. And I'm so grateful that God has given me a chance to be here and to be a part of it!