Monday, February 25, 2008


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

i'M BACK........HOME!

sorry it's been forever since I wrote the last blog. But being home for a couple of weeks and then getting back to Nicaragua with a group has been busy so I haven't had a chance to really sit down and write one. I wasn't planning on writing this one either, but I just thought I'd put up some good news of the week about my boy, Chele. He has came by every day since I've been back. He didn't go to school this past Saturday like he was supposed to, but he said he was sick and I choose to believe him. He says he will go this Saturday so we'll pray he does. Chico and I asked him to attend the crusade we are having this week, and he came last night and tonight. He had a hard time last night because he hadn't slept at all in several nights. I gave him some medicine to help him and today he was like a new person...I'm glad because God was at work tonight in the church service. (Last night after the service LeeAnn with our group talked to Chele for a while about the Lord. Then today Eugenio talked to him today and I learned that Dennis (one of our interpretors) had been talking to him too). And then tonight, Mark's message was all about sin and the separation it causes with God. It was right on for Chele and what had been leading up to this point. Mark even made a comment about if you can't read the Bible, you need to get someone to read it to you. And I'm sure there were others in the crowd maybe like that, but that was something that Chele needed to here....then came time for the invitation. Mark went through the "sinner's prayer" and then asked for anyone who prayed to raise their hand. and guess what....Chele did!!!!!!!!! Glory to God! Can't explain how excited I am!! But... I'm even more excited about the next step, and that's sitting down to talk with him about his decision...what it means, what it doesn't mean (that his life will be perfect now), how to live, how to persevere, I can't wait to do that! Please just pray that God continues to work in his heart. I know that Chele has a great heart under the toughness and God can use his life in great ways!! Just wanted everyone to share in the joy of more souls coming to our Father tonight (not sure of a total count, but there were numerous hands tonight)!!!!!!