Wednesday, September 19, 2007

45 DAYS...OH MY!!

only 45 days til i leave. it still doesn't seem real, that i'll be living in Nicaragua in 45 days. crazyness! well, i just want to post some updates from the past couple of weeks...b/c God is still on the move...let's see, i am up to 10 months covered with sponsors. but i also have a few others that have said they would like to contribute monthly so i'm pretty sure they whole year is covered.....2 weekends ago, i went to my grandmother's church to speak about my trip in July and to tell them about going back in november. so the size of her church is probably 40-50 people. granted, she did invite some family to come that sunday (maybe 75-100), but they took up a love offering & i now have $ 4,325.00 more towards my trip!!! that was overwhelming! God is SO good! He seems to be helping out in other ways too. I had to cancel my gym membership (of which i never used anyways), expecting to pay a $150 early cancellation fee. Turns out i only had to pay $23.40. definitely a praise! and then yesterday, i go to downgrade my cell phone package. i had been told it would be $150 early cancellation fee if i cancelled & it would be easier to just lower my package and pay til my contract runs out which is next march. so that is what i was there for. well, i just happened to mention cancelling again (different person from the last time i was there) b/c i was moving to Nicaragua. without a blink, the girl told me i could cancel w/o a cancellation fee as long as i provide proof of address change. blessing!! and an added bonus, we got to talking and she actually knows Cheryl and has been to nicaragua with her church!! out of all the stores i could have choosen to go to, and all the people to talk to, i talk to her...i love how God works like that!!!