Tuesday, January 8, 2008


That's right...say goodbye to Brooke's freshly bought laptop from July! Sadly...he is dead. well, technically not dead. He's very disabled now...good for nothing! :) ...I figure, either satan is trying to break me (ahem, satan iT'S NOT WORKiNG!) or God doesn't want me to have any technology...either way, I'm still kicking after getting a camera stolen, mp3 player stolen, and a laptop dropped on the ground. Some people would say, just come home!! hehe...but I'm still kickin' for Jesus! :) ...the story...yesterday after our first day back of English class, we were in the office. And all the kids were running around in the office (ahem, where they are not supposed to be) and apparently Eugenio tripped over a my cable that was in the floor, and the computer jumped off the table to commit computadora suicide! yikes :) ...Eugenio was pitiful! He apologized a million times, and I let him take me to a computer fix it store this morning so we could get all the documents, music, and pictures onto my external hard drive. The only reason I let him do that is because Cheryl said it would make him feel better...just a little more stuff gone...good for me, I bought insurance with my laptop, so it should be that when I come home in a few weeks, I will just have to take it back and claim it (or whatever you do), and hopefully get another one!? I pray to Jesus that it's that easy! :) ...until then, I will have a bit of harder time responding to emails, updating the blog, etc. Although Cheryl is kind and is letting me borrow hers...puts a little more damper on me getting all my work done. But hopefully I can load the program onto Cheryl's computer and get everything input at night. Hopefully.

in a bit of other news, Chele came by a few minutes ago. along with about 7 of his friends. and i had bought some tacos the other night in case he came by after we got home. but tonight was the first night he came by since i bought them, so i fed 7 boys with 2 tacos. almost a Jesus story!? or not!?!? hehe :) ...Not so sure about Chele's friends. It seems they could be "punks" when they get together. Chele had a little bit of a different attitude with his friends here. more of a "carefree" spirit, if you will...But I told him about Thursday...I don't think I've told the internet world...Thursday, Eugenio and I (and Chele) are heading off to Matagalpa (about a 4 hour trip, one way) to get Chele's birth certificate, which he lost a while back. He has to have it for school. which he will start the first saturday in February (8am - 3pm every Saturday). Please pray that he goes and he will stick with it! Also pray there are no hiccups in getting his birth certificate once we get there. and that it will be a safe trip. and that Eugenio and I can have good conversation with Chele and provide encouragement and love for him...Lately, I have even found myself asking God why I care so much about Chele. I really don't know. It's not an easy thing, but it's also something that is not light on my heart. It's very heavy. I really think it's from God, and that's he is using Chele in my life to give me a passion I have never had, for youth like Chele. for a ministry in the future. please pray for guidance and that I will follow God in all things!