Saturday, August 2, 2008


that's right! another month as "Mama Brooke"! Yesterday Jean and Cheryl left for Tennessee, so that leaves me as mama Brooke now! Only this time I don't have Tamara to help me. I do have Eugene and Patricia staying in the house for 2 weeks and then Chico and Eliot for 2 weeks, but they are mainly just support. The kids and I are making a good team so far (even though it's only been 1 day! haha). I am now realizing I need to learn how to cook! these poor kids might lose 10 pounds by the time Cheryl gets back...if I was all they had!! Luckily I'm not, but I gave Esperanza and Rosa the day off today since they had worked all week with the team, so it was up to me to cook! breakfast was easy, they wanted eggs...and lunch was easy because the kids wanted sandwichs and chips. For dinner, Wilber (the driver) volunteered to cook for me. So the kids had rice (which I somewhat learned how to cook today) and beans and fried bananas. We had the same, but with an egg (with tomatoes,peppers,onions)...Wilber's cousin, Mario (the translator), has volunteered to cook dinner tomorrow night for me!!! They must all feel so sorry for the kids!!!!!! oh well, I'm trying to watch and learn...and I get a good meal out of it too, so I'm not complaining! :)
I guess that's enough for now. Don't know that I'll update much this month, just because I don't stay on the computer much when the children are my responsibility...but I'll try...and put some pictures up too (of the children losing weight!!! haha)