Wednesday, July 23, 2008


ok...Chele and his brother Wilmur (Wilby) both went up for salvation the last night of the crusade while the group was here. Granted, Chele has went before (and probably Wilmur too). So Ashton, Madison and I talked to both of them about it, along with the fact that if they were serious about their decision, then they would fix the problem they have with each other (they hate each other). I also told them that I would start going to church with them on Wednesdays and Fridays if they wanted. Well, they were supposed to be at the house at 6pm tonight, but they never showed up. I waited around for an hour, dressed and ready because I had all confidence in them coming. And now here I sit so discouraged because they didn't show up.....the worst part is, I know they want to change. If they didn't, they would live how they wanted and they surely wouldn't go up for salvation, if they weren't seeking. I know that God has great things for both of these guys, I have no doubt about it. And I can see God receiving SO much glory through this, and perhaps changing their whole family. I guess I just want them to hurry up and do a 180 degrees turn, not thinking about the difficulty of changing a lifestyle that they've lived for 15 and 16 years. I just wanna see the breakthrough, to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, so that they can show everyone around them that they truly do want to change, but they need love and shoulders to lean on, not a turned back...please pray hard core for these boys. I have truly been broken for both of them and I want to help them however I can. I want to be the love of Christ for them to take hold of, so they can truly understand what love is...and what Christ did for them...and what He wants for them now.


Anonymous said...

hello my love brookie!
oh how i miss you and the boys.
keep that head up though,
cause you all 3 are in my prayers NONSTOP!
God is going to work it all out.
i cant wait to see you!
love love love.