Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ever felt like that!? You've gotten used to something, only to find things changing again!?! Well, that's the easiest way to explain this past year. I fought going to Nicaragua for so long. I finally got the nerve to go, then move there for a year. With time I realized I didn't want to leave Nicaragua for the world, and guess what?! It's time to go home for a while!? I sure wish I could find those higher thoughts and ways of God's sometimes! (Isaiah 55:8-9) ...For those of you who may have been out of the loop...I am officially home now. I have actually been home almost 4 weeks now, which is nearly impossible to believe. I've had a hard time figuring out what to say, hence the reason there hasn't been an update in over a month. The famous question since I have been home is "Are you glad to be home?". Such a great question. but it's impossible to find a good, honest answer and not hurt anyone's feelings at the same time. Of course I love my family, my friends, my church and love to be here with them. But I came to realize I left a very important part of me back in Nicaragua...and that is my heart. If anyone has ever experienced this, it's hard to cope and especially function without it. And that is what I have been experiencing for the past 4 excrusiatingly painful weeks. (Not to mention America "just isn't the same to me" after a year in a better place. I get the funniest reaction when I tell people I don't like America anymore. they laugh. they must think I'm joking. but...unfortunately...I am not joking at all) to wrap this up, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am here in TN for a good while and at this time I unfortunately do not know when I will return to Nicaragua (or reunite with my heart!)



Rah said...

Hey! It is so interesting that you stumbled upon my blog! I don't look forward to facing this when I go home even though I'll have been here only for three and a half months...the Spanish culture and language has my heart...and though I miss my family and home my heart feels at home here......I have heard of that church and I'm pretty sure I have passed it a couple times....I am staying with a host family. The address is El centro de salud, la primera de mayo, siete cuadras al norte....I'm taking some classes in managua and some at la casa de you know either of those places?

Anonymous said...

Well if you need a job there is one open at your old place.

Timothy and Jessie said...

hey this is timothy "free bible school guy"
it is so cool to meet one more person in Nicaragua. look forward to reading your blog

Timothy and Jessie said...

wow, i read the part about not liking the USA anymore and i almost started crying.

i feel the SAME WAY!!!
really dumb ? were are you in tn

me and my wife are in tn!
by the way here is a linky to our mission board