Friday, May 30, 2008


Just want to post a couple of things that are in need of prayer right now. Number one is that a tropical storm hit Leon yesterday (Thursday). Tamara Price called me today, thinking I had perhaps talked to Cheryl, although I knew nothing about the storm. Tamara talked to Cheryl yesterday morning and the winds and rain (around 70mph winds) were pretty fierce. Reports say the storm blew roofs off of homes, and knocked out power and telephone services. We've both tried to call Cheryl, but it's still unavailable. Please be in prayer for them and that telephone services can be restored so we can get in contact with them. I'll post details when I can get them....Second prayer request is for Mario (he's the little guy that came to church in Oct that had the tumor in his liver, for all of you Fairview readers out there). I got an email from Cheryl earlier this week that said he had a CT Scan and has another cyst on his liver. Cheryl was going to send all the information to the doctor in Cinncinati that did his first surgery to see what needs to be done. Just pray for Mario (he's only 4 yrs old) and his family and wisdom for the doctors (especially the Nicaraguan ones because we know they need alot!)...Third prayer request is for Diana. As far as I know, she is a little girl that should be leaving June 1 for the U.S. for heart surgery with HeartGift. Please pray that their travels and surgery all go smoothly and they can see God's hand and give Him thanks for what He's provided.
Thanks in advance for all the prayers!



Anonymous said...

The storm is over, and we are all ok. We did get wet from the rain and wind. Electricity was off for 4 days and phone. God provided and kept us safe. Thank you for your prayers.
Smiling for Jesus,