Monday, May 5, 2008

~4 days to go~

can't believe it's only 4 days to go before I'm home again!! sorta seems like I was just home, but I'm definitely excited to see familiar faces of friends and family! :) ...I actually have to pack tonight because some of us are going to Diriamba (sounds like diddy-amba) with Eugenio's ministry, and they will be taking me to the airport from there on Friday! Not sure if I'll have internet there, so if not, I'll see everyone at the airport on Friday at 10:14pm. ok!? haha
I just wanted to post a few fun pics of things that have happened around here recently (and remind you of the airport! haha)...

About to get on the boat for Monkey Island. from left to right:
Chele, Lauren, Denis, me, Wilmur (our new driver), Eugenio

Funnest picture ever!

Lola (can you tell I was a little scared?)

Chele's house (the wind made it fall)

from the inside of his house

Chele, Gabby, and Wilmur's mom, Silvia

Allan, he just got back from Houston, TX for open heart surgery with HeartGift.


jenn said...

I showed Sydney your picture with the monkey and she said " I no like monkey". Great pictures!

jenn blankenship